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Providing consulting services to local governments
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since 1987.

Click here to see Sue Buske's presentation materials for a
session about Community Needs Assessments and Strategic Planning
at the 2015 Wisconsin Community Media Conference in Milwaukee

Click here to see Sue Buske's presentation materials for the
"Franchise Renewal and Cable Regulation in the Digital World" session
at the NATOA 2014 Annual Conference

Click here to see the full text of many good cable franchise agreements.

Click here to see a series of charts that display the positive outcomes of several recent cable franchise renewals.

Click here to see a five-page overview of "DIVCA" (Digital Infrastructure and Video Competition Act of 2006), California's state franchising law, and brief summaries of key sections.

Click here to see a chart displaying the relationship of PEG access funding to franchise fees in DIVCA and the federal Cable Act.

Click here to see a list of California communities where Public and Educational Access operations have closed as a result of DIVCA.